Published on: May 2nd, 2024
By: المستشار ماهر الديري

PTE Core scoring

PTE Core scoring

Find out how your test is marked, how scoring works for the different question types, and how PTE Core scores align with the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB).

How is a PTE test scored?

All PTE tests, including PTE Core, are scored by a computer using state-of-the-art scoring technology. This means that we can ensure that you get a fair and accurate score, every time.

There is no interaction with a human examiner during your test. This reduces the risk of human bias, allowing you to feel confident that only your English is being assessed and nothing else.

Your Score Report

Your overall score and individual communicative skills scores will be reported on a numerical scale of 10-90. Your individual skills scores will help you identify your strengths and areas for improvement. Your scores are aligned to the CLB framework. Please visit the IRCC website to see how the scores relate to immigration requirements.

An image of the CLB and PTE score comparison table
How PTE Core scores compare with the CLB

If you take PTE Core for a Canadian visa application, you will be asked for a Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) level for one or more of your language skills. This is the standard used to describe, measure and recognize the language ability of adult immigrants and prospective immigrants who plan to live and work in Canada.

This table shows how PTE scores align to CLB levels, so that you know what score you need to achieve your Canadian migration goals. Download PDF version (49.3kb).

Remember to check the IRCC website for official requirements before taking your test.